"The invention of Nano-Modules™ allowed restoring cells dysfunction that causes a disease. The ability to contrive Nano-Modules™ based on dysfunction was a scientific breakthrough! Offering the body, targeted to the problem, bioactive substances that help restore broken links without interfering with body's processes and no side effects."


- Michael Danielov

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness aren’t new words in the English vocabulary however BIONOVA’s approach to these simple but meaningful words are anything but simple. 


Imagine products ranging from skincare to biopharmaceuticals with more efficacy and drastically reduced side effects.  Imagine individually formulated products yet cost effective in the life science industries. Imagine seeing a virtual doctor at your convenience. Imagine a revolutionary delivery system that can handle up to 150 bioactive substances in a single delivery system. Imagine rethinking the approach to health and longevity by increasing the self-healing properties and adaptation systems. 


To understand the full impact and benefits of Bio-intelligence™ we have to break down the technology, components and our philosophy in the field of science.