BIONOVA’s scientific knowledge is several steps ahead of what is currently available within the scientific community due to our unique approach.


BIONOVA’s proprietary knowledge was obtained under special socio-circumstances. Michael Danielov, MD, Ph.D. CEO and founder of BIONOVA was able to conduct his research that lead to the understanding of the human body’s regulatory mechanisms in a unique laboratory, which he founded in the former Soviet Union. Dr. Danielov’s ultimate goal was to develop methods for treatment of traumatic shock patients. Specifics of that social environment allowed Dr. Danielov not to be tied down to commercial application, and to achieve tangible results without time or budget limitation.


BIONOVA’s Mission

Promote health and wellness (activate self healing processes that naturally exist in the living organism while simultaneously normalizing internal biological information transfer) with custom tailored products thru the expansion of Bio-intelligence™ platform, in multiple areas of life science industries e.g. skincare, personal care, nutritional supplements and eventually bio-pharmaceuticals.

BIONOVA’s Philosophy

Every doctor takes the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. BIONOVA, started by Dr. Michael Danielov M.D., PhD and Dr. Alexander Sepper M.D., PhD, hold that oath as a truth that resonates in every thought and decision of the company. Having dedicated their scientific lives to the betterment of human physiology, they have discovered that what the human organism needs is not found in botanicals, newfound substances or any of those fad type sciences but the substances that make up the human organism. The ability to mimic these raw substances and make more complex bioactive substances in the right quantities with a targeted delivery system allows the affected area to absorb these bio-complexes as needed and promote self healing while normalizing the biological information transfer. This idea of self healing in conjunction with individually tailored products increases efficacy while drastically reducing side effects. This no nonsense approach to the general idea of health and wellness is BIONOVA’s philosophy, goal and business model.

About the CEO

Dr. Michael M. Danielov Ph.D., Professor, founded BIONOVA in 1997 to actualize his many years of research and experience in life sciences. With the help of other scientists, engineers, doctors and designers his knowledge of the human physiology bore fruit in the form of Bio-intelligence™ (the most revolutionary technological platform in the field of life science).


Dr. Danielov began his research in the study of pathogenesis mechanisms and thanatogensis of post-aggressive reactions of living organisms . The year before graduating medical school he started research that led to the discovery of the adaptation mechanism of the living system under extreme conditions. This research was conducted at the Surgery Department of the Georgia State Medical School and later he founded the Laboratory of Radionuclide Microanalyses of Hormones and Biologically Active Substances in the Institute of Experimental Morphology Academy of Science (in Georgia Republic, former USSR). Dr. Danielov directed this laboratory until his emigration into the United States in 1989. 


Using his understanding of basic biochemical and physiological mechanisms of information transfer, he developed the methodology to actually repair failed cellular information transmission. It was at about this time that leading cosmetic and chemical companies started to ask him to develop bioactive complexes for their products. Dr. Danielov began licensing his technology and eight of the first generation of bioactive complexes (Completech™) had been sold as new intermediates suitable for skincare market in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Within approximately three years, the retail value of skin care products manufactured using first generation of bioactive complexes exceeded $125 million. This was the turning point that sparked the idea for BIONOVA.


Having some knowledge in the skincare industry BIONOVA dedicated the next few years into revolutionizing the skincare industry. Based on the idea of health and wellness, Dr. Danielov was shocked at what passed for “skin care” in the industry. Starting from the base of the creams which are built on paraffins, waxes and other harmful substances; ‘essentially putting a plastic bag over your skin’ (which does create humidity imitating soft skin however in the same process cutting off oxygen) and the so called active substances used that in the best scenario have no effect on healing damaged cells. 


Ideologically he couldn’t support any of this and with that he began with creating a base that contains no oils, waxes or paraffins and is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. Then he realized he needed more information on what bioactive substances to use since people have various skin problems in different skin areas. With his team, they developed the first algorithm to identify gender, age, problem, area and other factors of the individual to target the right active complexes. This was the beginning of the Bio-intelligence™ platform. Understanding that the technology was adaptable and expandable, BIONOVA developed personal care products as well as nutritional supplement products.