Dr. Michael Danielov MD. PhD.


Ph.D. in Pathophysiology, 1985


M.D. Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Faculty of General Medicine, 1976 

Professional Positions

Professor of Critical Care Medicine Institute, 2010


CEO of MD SCIENCE, Inc., 2005 – present


CEO and President of BIONOVA, Inc., 1997 – present


Privately Subsidized Research & Development, 1990 – 1997


Founded and Directed Laboratory of Radionuclide Microanalysis of Hormones & Biologically Active Substances


Institute of Experimental Morphology Academy of Science (USSR), 1976 – 1989


Consultant of the Academy of Science (USSR) in the area of Radionuclide Microassays of Biologically Active Substances, 1981 – 1989


Full Professor of Georgian Critical Care Medicine University

Professional accomplishments

Dr. Michael M. Danielov founded BIONOVA, Inc. in 1997 and has served as BIONOVA’s Chief Executive Officer and President since its founding, developing the brand strategic direction and overseeing all research and operations. Holding both an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Pathophysiology, Dr. Danielov has brought a broad background in basic research and product development combined with managerial experience in directing a large research organization to the BIONOVA brand.


The fundamental science 1 that is behind MD SCIENCE / BIONOVA technological platform has started three decades ago in Georgia (the former Soviet Union), when Michael Danielov began his research in study of pathogenetical mechanisms and thanatogenesis of post-aggressive reactions of the Living Organisms 2.


The year before graduation of Medical School, he started his research that led to the discovery of the adaptation mechanism of the Living System under extreme conditions. He started this scientific research in the Surgery Department of the Georgia State Medical School (USSR) and later on (1978) he founded the Laboratory of Radionuclide Microanalyses of Hormones and Biologically Active Substances in the Institute of Experimental Morphology Academy of Science. Dr. Danielov directed this laboratory until his emigration into U.S. in 1989. Initially through benefactors (academicians, Dr. M. Komachidze and Dr. N. Dchavachishvili) and eventually through his own capacity, he had access to extensive coverage for acquiring the latest technologies, equipment and in many cases inventing previously non-existing research tools.


MD SCIENCE / BIONOVA’s scientific knowledge is several steps ahead of what is currently available within the scientific community. Hold-out proprietary technologies are very different from anything else and merit a special introduction:


To understand the pathogeneses of shock process as well as the mechanisms of thanatogenesis Dr. Danielov conducted very complex, extensive and expensive experiments through which was studied (a) more than 80 of inter-related parameters regulating homeostasis (scientific research was focused on inter- and intracellular signaling of hormones and biologically active substances) and more than 100 hemodynamic (circulation) parameters. Developed models would permit Dr. Danielov to holistically understand the dynamics of how the Living System regulates itself, down to the minutest level of intracellular processes.


To learn what was happening to the body during the shock, Dr. Danielov and his team of scientists had to develop new methods of research and analysis. Unrestricted government funding allowed recruiting top scientists, engineers, and mathematicians for this research. With the help of some of the brightest mathematical and engineering minds in the Soviet Union he was able to create new equipment, new processes and new methodology of analyses of such a complex processes as a post-aggressive reactions of the organisms.


Through 1981 to 1989 Dr. Danielov in cooperation with some of the world’s best mathematicians, equipment, and process designers, including Dr. K. Kalantarov, Dr. A. Kaufman, and Dr. Beliakov developed four generations of automatic scintillation counters for beta and gamma radiation. For this unique developments in 1984 Dr. Danielov and the team of co-developers was nominated for the ‘State Prize’ – the highest USSR award in science and technology.


In the same period of time Dr. Danielov managed several scientific projects related to study the mechanisms of hormones and biologically active substances regulation in non-endocrine pathologies. He also participated in the special projects subsidized by Governments:

  • Morpho - functional characteristics of endocrine system and organs under extreme conditions;
  • Vascular - tissue interrelations in experimental pathologies;
  • Application of medical scientific discoveries, creation of equipment for radio-immunochemical and physico-chemical analysis.

Under these unique conditions Dr. Danielov was able to conduct the daring research that led him to an understanding of regulatory mechanisms in Living Organisms. The basic conclusion after two decades of extensive experiments dedicated to study the pathogeneses and thanatogenesis of Post-Aggressive Reaction of the organisms can be concluded in several basic statements:

  • Even though the original goal of Dr. Danielov’s research was to create new substance (drug) for treatment of patients after severe trauma, after extensive experiments it become evident that it is impossible to create any new substance that itself could be helpful to reduce lethality after severe aggression on the Living System.
  • His work during these years on inter- and intra- cellular activity in the pathogenesis of shock, stress and other post-aggressive reactions led to the understanding of biological information transfer and the effect when those information transfer fails. Dr. Danielov was the first to reveal that the best approach to future medicine would be to start using substances that naturally exist in the body, instead of creating and administrating new molecules. Everything that our body requires has already been created and placed within and our cells, which know the best how to fix themselves. Furthermore, multiple malfunctions were traced to breakdown in the biological information communication system. The scientific data behind this fundamental research literally changed understanding of human adaptation mechanisms.
  • Dr. Danielov and his team of scientists discovered methods of ‘copying’ nature, actually learning how to ‘put together’ multiple biological informational substances in physiological concentration (nano-and pico quantities)3; the amount that living system needs to repair malfunctioning lines of information communication. Minute quantities of carefully selected substances that naturally occur in the human body were sufficient to restore initial healthy balance of the cells and it's functionality.
  •  The phenomenal volume of data and its careful analysis brought Dr. Danielov to a new scientific concept: ‘The Concept of Biological Information Transfer in Living Organisms’ 4.

Practical implementation of the discovered scientific concept had required the development of new, not-existing technologies. After many years of arduous work, experiments and analysis Dr. Danielov with support of his team of scientists developed several proprietary nanotechnologies, which currently are in use as a Nanotechnological Platform5 for creating multiple products oriented toward enhancement of self- healing processes with specific curative effects to repair malfunctioning biological information transfer. This technological platform is based on the development of specific Nanocomplexes, which gives the ability to manipulate not only with Nano (10-9), but also with Pico (10-12) quantities of active substances, targeting the problem-specific biochemical pathway. This usage amount of bioactive substances in Nanocomplexes are precisely within the physiological range of a living organism.


During that period of time Dr. Danielov was also chief consultant of the Academy of Science of the USSR in the area of Radionuclide Micro-assays of Biologically Active Substances. He also managed multimillion budget of the Academy of Science of the USSR in the radio-isotopic field.


After immigrating to the United States in 1990, Dr. Danielov conducted privately subsidized research on product development. Using his understanding of basic biochemical and physiological mechanisms of information transfer, he developed the methodology to actually repair failed cellular information transmission. It was at about this time that leading cosmetic and chemical companies started to ask him to develop bioactive complexes for their products, and he realized that his ‘copying’ systems would work very well to renew skin cells and protect from the aging process. Dr. Danielov began licensing his technology to chemical company. Eight of first generation of bioactive complexes (Completech™) has been sold as new intermediates suitable for skin care market in U.S., Europe, and Asia. For approximately three years, the retail value of skin care products manufactured using first generation of Bioactive Complexes exceeded 125 million. This was the turning point that sparked the idea for BIONOVA.


In 1997, Dr. Danielov founded research and manufacturing Company, BIONOVA. Using proprietary Nanotechnological platform (Bio-intelligence™) Dr. Danielov with team of scientists, programmers, artists, and designers created NANO SKIN TECH™ lines of products that could be tailored to each person individually. This is the first and real commercial implementation of the nanotechnological approach in Life Science industry. By adding precise amount of targeted Nanocomplex BIONOVA can customizing each product to the consumer and target the specific skin issues each person has. Since its creation, BIONOVA has been well received, and people are embracing a product with cutting-edge science and indigenous ingredients.


As a pioneer in Life Science Nanotechnology6 (bioengineering of a broad spectrum of biologically active Nanocomplex) within last several years Dr. Danielov developed variety of products, which are based on two groups of proprietary nanotechnologies - Opti-Path™ and NuCell-Direct™ Delivery System 5.


Dr. Danielov is the author of more than 40 openly published scientific articles and one book in area of fundamental scientific research related to Pathogeneses and Tanatogenesis of Post-Aggressive Reactions of the Living Organism.


Dr. Danielov published series articles related to his proprietary Scientific Concept of "Biological Information Transfer" and to Life Science Nanotechnology in ‘Critical Care & Catastrophe Medicine’ magazines.

Comments & Notes

Fundamental scientific research

Medical science conditionally can be divided into three categories:

  • Clinical Science – physicians who only APPROBATES new drugs and methods developed by scientists from biopharmaceutical companies.
  • Drug Development – scientists whose PRIMARY business is to develop new drugs. Usually these scientists are associated with pharmaceutical companies.
  • Fundamental Science – relatively small group of professional scientists who are working on the DEVELOPMENT OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES and DEVELOPMENT OF NEW NON-EXISTING METHODOLOGIES. Usually, results of their development are not associated with immediate practical outcome and its immediate implementation. Traditionally, they are coming from Academician world and usually these projects are funding by huge Government investment.

Pathogenetical mechanisms & Thanatogenesis of post-aggressive reactions

The problem of shock (most severe outcome of post-aggressive reaction of the organism) is huge, and probably, it is safe to say, one of the most represented in medical literature. We have to remind ourselves that the first and foremost function of a Human Physiology is not well-being or reproduction, but a survival function from extreme conditions.


After severe trauma (post-aggressive reactions) the body mobilizes all its internal resources and triggers all available defense mechanisms intended to only one effort – how to survive from extreme condition and/or how to resist the death. During the shock process, body mobilizes its all defense systems, fighting the Death.


Why today, in modern technology-oriented medicine this problem continues to be actual and why we need deeper knowledge in understanding of details of genetically determined adaptation mechanism to the critical conditions? There are several reasons:

  • Historically, people always tried to understand what is going on in Human Body and empirically reproduce some of the processes naturally existing their;
  • Pathogenetical mechanisms of shock condition is one the rarely processes, which scientists can monitor from the very beginning of its process up to the end - either survival (study pathogenetical mechanisms) or death (study thanatogeneses - mechanisms of dearth) of the living system. This kind of scientific research provides with the knowledge of how to help to imitate/stimulate physiological processes, but not interfere with them. Modern pharmaceutical industry approach is to fix, but not to treat existing problem. It often works for short term, but creates a lot of health problems in its long term.
  • Last, but never the less, very important part of the necessity of this kind of research lays down in a military aspect. Usually, huge amount of traumatic and hemorrhagic shock conditions exists on the battlefield. During all world-wide wars the lethality from traumatic and hemorrhagic shock was on a first place. We are speaking about millions and millions of people to whom medicine was powerless to help. This is one of the reasons why in last 200 years the scientific literature referred to different aspects of pathogeneses of shock conditions is one of the most represented in bio-medical field.

Therapeutic & physiological dosage of active substances

Modern pharmaceutical approach is based on usage of a ‘singular active substance’ (therapeutic agent) in a high concentration. To achieve biological effect (biological information transmission) the usage amount of pharmaceutical substances very often exceeds physiological levels (maximum amount of biologically active substances, which naturally can be produced in a Living System) by thousands of times, thus creating new non- physiological pathways.


In addition, the physiological and biochemical responses from ‘therapeutic’ and ‘physiological’ dosages of bioactive substances are very different. Frequently, unusual and non-physiological effects are observed when the same bioactive substance is used in amounts exceeding the physiological level.

Concept of Biological Information Transfer (BIT)

The principals of the discovered scientific concept and its practical implementation are based on fundamental ruling that the restoration of the information stability in the living organism is possible only by:

  •  Reconstructing biological information transfer by restoring the genetically determined chain of information transfer.
  •  Restoring the genetically determined chain of information transfer by acting simultaneously on all the levels of the biological information transfer mechanisms.
  •  Ensuringthestabilityofinformationflowofthelivingorganismbysupportingallthebasicelementsresponsible for biological information transfer.

Restoration of living system biological information transfer, i.e. reconstruction of the genetically determined chain of biological information transfer is only possible by means of creating/imitating natural biologically active complexes (Nanocomplexes). Usually, these Nanocomplexes contains all necessary biological informational signaling substances necessary for reconstruction of normal biological information transfer.


In other words, the restoration of malfunctioning biological information transfer is only possible by imitation of self- healing processes through indigenous to Living Organism naturally existing Nanocomplexes. Easy to say, but it took years of extensive research to imitate bio-physiological processes via administering Bioactive Substances composition (Nanocomplexes) naturally existing in a Living System.


This was expensive and long way groundwork to create an absolutely different approach in restoration of malfunctioned biological information transfer. These were the first steps of Bio-Nanotechnology.


To create multiple products oriented toward enhancement of self-healing processes with specific curative effects it was necessary to develop four (4) new technological processes, which today is the foundation of MD SCIENCE / BIONOVA Nanotechnological Platform (Bio-intelligence™):

  • SmartDoc™ - Automation Software, translating personalized survey responses into a custom product formula.
  • Opti-Path™ - a method of bio-nutrients composition imitation that exists in the Living System. This is the technology of naturally existing Bioactive Nanocomplex Modeling.
  • NuCell-Direct™ - Novel Delivery System - technology of a Cell Membrane Imitation. NuCell-Direct™ Delivery System has dual function
    • (a) incorporates and stabilizes Nanocomplexes;
    • (b) powerful stabilizer of unstable substances.
  •  CDP™ - Custom Designed Process – technology of a Modular Production Process.

Life science Nanotechnology

  • In comparison with industrial nanotechnology Life Science Nanotechnology enjoys a special advantage of having God’s and/or evolution handiwork as a model. Just by modeling Living Systems regulatory processes can bring incredible results.
  • Nanotechnology in Life Science is not so much about the science of manipulating matter on a nano-particles level, but most importantly is the science of using nano-quantities of biologically active substances in a very precise way to imitate physiological processes occurring in a living organism.
  • The outcome of nano-quantities modus operandi in Life Science Nanotechnology has a unique physiological impact to the normal biological information transfer, with strong and predictable results, without side effects.
  • BIONOVA’s technological advancement is based not on nanoparticles, but on more sophisticated, more advanced and more natural for the Human Body approach – using a combination of biologically active substances in nano (10-9) and pico (10-12) quantities, targeted to the problem-specific biochemical pathway.
  • The usage amount of substances in BIONOVA’s Nanocomplexes are in absolute range with normal function of the living system.