Bio-intelligence™ platform

A great potential to reshape the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Utilizing every aspect of the Bio-intelligence™ platform (SmartDoc™, Opti-Path™, NuCell-Direct™, CDP) BIONOVA can fundamentally change the face of bio-pharmaceutical industry. These technologies are based on Dr. Danielov’s scientific research of Post-aggressive (Post-traumatic) reactions of the living organism and the development of a new concept in activation of Adaptation mechanisms and non-specific resistance of the living organism.


What all this technology means is that a patient can obtain a 100% personalized product (multiple bioactive ingredients working synergistically) vs. a generic (single bioactive ingredient) after subjective and objective analysis (SmartDoc™). This new type of complex drug, containing various Nanocomplexes targeted to restoring damaged/dysfunctional cellular communication to Normalcy, will have more efficacy and less possible side effects.


The power of BIONOVA


Problem Solving (Pathology)

BIONOVA’s unique scientific concept and technological platform is focused on restoring genetically determined chain of information transfer to a specific dysfunction in the living organism.


First step is to understand the pathology and as soon as sufficient data exists of its pathogenesis, BIONOVA can create a potent solution based on Opti-Path™ and NuCell-Direct™ technologies. 


The development of a new BIONOVA drug for any given disease is based on synergistic effects of multiple bioactive substances specifically targeting inter and intracellular transmitters. The bioactive Nanocomplexes target specific pathways of the disease and enhance the natural self healing processes inherent in a human body.


While these Nanocomplexes work in concert they are in nano and pico quantities, which are used hundreds and thousand times less than singular actives used today, falling well within the buffering parameters of biological information transfer (BIT). Increasing the efficacy of the drug while largely diminishing any possible side effects.



Stabilizing a known therapeutic compound

There is a market for compounds with curative effects that are too unstable to be administered.


BIONOVA’s NuCell-Direct™ delivery system technology is capable of stabilizing said unstable compounds. Bringing to market multiple new drugs that were unable to do so because of the unstable nature of the compound. 


Many bioactive substances lose their activity outside of a living environment. The innovation of the NuCell-Direct™ delivery system is that it imitates the structure of a human cell membrane and incorporates the bioactive substance within the cell wall membrane. Making it the most stable delivery system to date.


Thus NuCell-Direct™ delivery system is beneficial in two primary ways (1) stabilizer of unstable substances and (2) an effective delivery system. As a stabilizer, BIONOVA’s proprietary algorithm can create a suitable composition of a NuCell-Direct™ for a specific active compound or a set of compounds. It is structurally assembled molecule by molecule along with the active compound(s). As a delivery system it carries the active compound(s) integrated within the cell wall membrane and safely / efficiently delivering the active compound(s) to its targeted destination.



Parenteral delivery instead of intracutaneous delivery

The NuCell-Direct™ delivery system technology is not only useful as a parenteral or a topical vehicle for bioactive substances but can be used as a replacement for a syringe (in certain situations), due to the enhanced penetration and absorption properties inherent in NuCell-Direct™. 


Bioactive agents incorporated into the NuCell-Direct™ enhance the absorption of the bioactive substances into the cell, thereby providing a useful therapeutic tool for topical applications. The described effects of NuCell-Direct™ allow significant reduction of active ingredient usage and thereby reducing its toxicity or side effects. NuCell-Direct™ delivery system can be considered as a ‘syringe without a needle’.



Boost efficacy

BIONOVA’s Opti-path™ and NuCell-Direct™ technologies are capable of enhancing the curative effects of existing / new compounds by tailoring specific inter and intracellular pathway to the primary molecule. 


Developing this new Nanocomplex with all the necessary attributes for normal biological information transfer (BIT) within the cell, enhances the effectiveness of the delivered active compound(s).


NuCell-Direct™ delivery system allows delivery of active compound(s) in nano and pico quantities. This is imitates the quantities used in a normally functioning cells, which makes them more physiologically “natural” for the cell reception and does not overload the cell with huge quantities.



Reduce side effects

Today's drugs come with a long list of side effects starting with severe to minor. This is due to a few reasons: 

  1. Quantity of active substances: large doses are needed to force cell signaling system causing new pathologies and creating unwanted side effects.
  2. Liposome delivery: even the most advanced liposomes are very fragile to inner and outer forces, rupturing easily, spilling the active substances and making them inactive, and therefore more active substances are needed to fulfill the task at hand. Increasing the cause of side effects. 
  3. Active compound: The active compound works on only the first level or possibly the first stage of the second level of biological information transfer (BIT). If all three levels of BIT are not utilized simultaneously it becomes ineffectual to the indigenous cells and may cause new pathologies again increasing unwanted side effects.


BIONOVA’s life science technologies reduce side effects by:

  1. Quantity of active substances: delivering the active compounds in nano and pico quantities which is within the buffer parameters of biological information transfer. Making it physiological “natural” for the cell to accept the signal transmission.
  2. NuCell-Direct™: Incorporating the active compound along with other active agents within the cell wall membrane for synergistic effects on the targeted destination. Even if the NuCell-Direct™ cell ruptures there is very little efficacy lost since, the active compounds are within the walls of the cell membrane and there is nothing to spill.
  3. Nanocomplex: Creating Nanocomplexes containing multiple bioactive substances in nano and pico quantities incorporated into NuCell-Direct™ delivery system triggers BIT on all three levels of information transfer and therefore reduces any possible side effects.