Personal care

BIONOVA’s fundamental scientific research and nanotechnological advancements made it possible to combine proven anti-bacterial substances, antioxidants and self healing Nanocomplexes into a singular personal care formula, with synergistic effects on multiple microorganisms. 


This technology allowed BIONOVA to create multiple personal care products.


Use: Skin irritation, cuts, scrapes, minor burns, bed sores and inflammation / irritation due to incontinence.


Benefits: Helps cleanse impurities, supports skin healthy appearance, naturally enhance the skin barrier system, provides long lasting protection and assists skin self healing. 


Use: Skin burns, skin irritation, pain sensation caused by burns, and useful for skin affected by thermal / chemical / radiation burns. 


Benefits: Helps form a shielding barrier on the surface of burned skin, enhances skin barrier, soothes burning sensation and nourishes the skin.


Use: Ingrown hair,  after shaving / waxing bikini and underarm areas and razor bumps.


Benefits: Soothes burning sensation, helps relieve razor bumps, non-occlusive, prevents inflammation after shaving / waxing, actively helps to hydrate the skin and naturally enhances the skin barrier system.


Use: Athletes foot, toenail and fingernail fungus.


Benefits: Nourishes nails, improves skin appearance around affected area and prevents further contamination.

Life science nanotechnological platform integration in personal care products.

The Q'ur family of products are based on proprietary bioactive Nanocomplexes which are the building blocks of creating multiple anti-inflammatory and skin barrier products. The Nanocomplexes utilize unique delivery system to achieve a remarkable increase in efficiency of functional ingredients by allowing all agents to act simultaneously. 


This new Nanotechnological approach;

  • enhances skin self healing properties
  • promotes healthy skin appearance
  • reduces skin inflammation
  • relieves pain sensation
  • nourishes the skin
  • helps restore the skin barrier system


Bio-intelligence™ for complete customization

Currently there are 4 basic/universal anti-inflammatory products. Using the full Bio-intelligence™ technological platform BIONOVA is capable to customize / personalize products to a specific individual to increase efficacy based on a customers need. As well as expand the types of personal care products.

How Q’ur-family of products work

Q’ur-family of products utilize four major biologically active Nanocomplexes essential for skin inflammation, natural enhancement of skin resistance to bacteria and self healing processes.

  1. BactoStat Nanocomplex™ (Anti-microbial)
  2. AX Nanocomplex™ (Detoxifying)
  3. SH Nanocomplex™ (Self healing)
  4. SB Nanocomplex™  (Skin Barrier)


BIONOVA created additional Nanocomplexes for personalized/customized products to target specific problems. Specific usage amount and ratio between Nanocomplexes depends on the problem caused by the inflammation and degree of developed skin barrier damage.

  1. Antioxidants & Bioflavonoids Nanocomplexes™
  2. Polypeptides Nanocomplexes™
  3. Nucleosides Nanocomplexes™
  4. Bioactive Carbohydrates Nanocomplexes™
  5. Antibiotics Nanocomplexes™
  6. Sulfanilamide Nanocomplexes™
  7. Enzyme Inhibitors Nanocomplexes™