Skin care

Utilizing every aspect of the Bio-intelligence™ platform, our skincare line is a sophisticated diagnosing and product manufacturing line to date. You can view our website at


Your wellness daily profile is just one more way Bio-intelligence™ is changing how you care for your health. At this time our skincare lines are comprised of:


Completely custom tailored skincare product line utilizing the InterView™ software. A customer can upgrade to a more specific formulation utilizing our objective analysis feature (uploading photography of the problem area and diagnosis by our in-house doctors/specialists adjusting the subjective data).

Using the same ingredients as the N1-CUSTOM™ line but pre-formulated based on gender, age, skin area and skin problem.  Created for retail use and display in department stores. 

Universal skin regimen products (masks, massage creams, cleansers and activators).


Is it necessary to be this technologically advanced for simple skincare?

In short yes. The reason for this is; there is no simple skin. It is the largest organ which supports our homeostasis. The skin requires the same care as our internal organs. Today the skincare industry creates products for the amorphous human. Promoting some miracle compound of the day in their product that should work without understanding why the problem occurs in this specific person that has a different biological activity then the next person. This is why consumers jump from one product to another hoping for a miracle. 


BIONOVA offers the healthiest option for skin care using the Bio-intelligence platform™. 


Bio-intelligence™ platform integration in skin care products. might not be as well known as Estée Lauder but we have a high customer retention rate once they try our product. This is due to the fact that we don’t promote miracles but the idea of health and wellness by means of self healing processes. 


To restore inner beauty BIONOVA utilizes every aspect of the Bio-intelligence™ platform: 

  1. SmartDoc™ - creating a personal matrix
  2. Life science nanotechnology (Opti-Path™ & NuCell-Direct™) - utilizing and delivering ingredients indigenous to living organism
  3. CDP- manufacturing customized / personalized products on mass production levels


This all begins with diagnosing the consumer and custom tailoring their formulation based on:

  • Gender: Female or male means different hormones, genes, metabolic activity, pH balances and other factors that affect your skin. Those with gender identity issues, we recommend selecting the gender you most closely relate to.
  • Age: The aging process changes our body’s functional activity in many ways. It slows down the regenerative processes, hormonal activity, cell metabolism and its functional capacity. All these changes reflect on the skin’s condition, causing a transformation of structural proteins in the deep layers of the skin. 
  • Ethnicity: We all come from different backgrounds and should be celebrated for our diversity. These differences also appear in our skin in the form of pH, level of water evaporation, cellular architectonics and etc. These differences need to be taken into consideration in determining your product formula.
  • Environment: Environmental factors, such as the weather condition can influence the skin barrier system. The usage of lipoprotein Nanocomplexes in the product varies depending on the weather condition where it is being used.
  • Skin area: The skin has different functionality and structure depending on the area of the body. 
  • Personal profile: Life style, stress and impaired hormonal functions are also factors that promote aging processes and various skin imbalances.
  • Allergies: We also take into consideration allergic reactions to certain substances.
  • Problem: Unlike other companies we understand the above information has a direct effect on the skin and skin problems. With all these factors taken into consideration as well as their major problem, we then can create a formulation of the product specific to the individual. 


Product Performance


BIONOVA leading the way

Our skincare products don’t act on the skin as “traditional” products do; rather they cause the skin to improve itself, working from its inner layer,  restoring cellular communication to their optimal state. We are able to restore dormant sebaceous glands typical for aging and dry skin, stimulate production of sebum (natural skin lubricant), reduce capillary permeability and increase oxygen utilization within the cells. BIONOVA’s products energize, nourish and boost the skin cells self healing process; preventing premature aging, leaving skin moist, maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. 


BIONOVA is the next step in the health, wellness and lifestyle.



All BIONOVA’s individually formulated products are based on the physiological substances that are equivalent to those, which are bio-physiologically produced in the human organism. 


The active ingredients are 100% physiological to the human organism, containing only what the human body has already produced, but for different reasons cannot accept at the cellular level. BIONOVA’s products are non- toxic and physiologically innocuous. 


MSDS Forms available upon request.

Safety & Irritation test data available upon request.



BIONOVA’s products are one of the most effective skin treatment products on the market to date. Their effectiveness is governed by fundamental scientific research.


BIONOVA generated specific consumer and efficacy data for Nanocomplexes and their use in finished skincare products. All efficacy test data for skin care products have been generated in the U.S. using various independent laboratories. At the same time there are multiple substances in BIONOVA’s products with well-known skin care benefits and their effectiveness is considered obvious. 

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BIONOVA EFFICACY DATA (Intensive Care Serums)
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