BIONOVA's Bio-intelligence™

BIONOVA’s Bio-intelligence™ platform is based on our strict philosophy, not to interfere with normal physiological processes in the human body but to mimic the processes with the endogenous substances to promote wellness from within. We use only endogenous bio-nutrients (bioactive substances endogenous to human organisms ) as a tool to normalize disturbed metabolism. Science in our time is not smarter than evolution to create anything better (new bioactive substances) than what already exists in the living system. BIONOVA’s scientific knowledge allows imitation of the composition of bioactive substances (found in the human organism) and more importantly in the exact quantities (nano and pico) that the human cell can handle. This recreates these very human restorative processes. The first wellness solution to align human biology with nanotechnology and deliver proprietary bio nutrients that replicate your inner healthy mechanisms.


Benefits of the Bio-intelligence™ platform:

  • Increased efficacy.
  • Reduction of side effects.
  • Customer-centric.
  • Custom tailoring the product based on analysis of the individual's bio-physiological parameters.
  • Production of individual products on mass production level.
  • Improve health and subsequently longevity by increasing self healing properties and adaptation systems of the organism.
  • Analysis of individuals’ bio-physiological profile vs. average statistical person.
  • Formulation of new category of health and wellness products for multiple life science industries - skincare treatment, personal care, nutritional supplements, and eventually for bio-pharmaceuticals.


The Bio-intelligence™ analytical system platform is comprised of four proprietary independent technological processes from three fields of science.


Logistics of artificial intelligence analytical system:

SmartDoc™: logistics and algorithms


Life Science Nano-technological platform:

Opti-Path™: method of bio-nutrient composition

NuCell-Direct™: Delivery system using an imitation of a human cell membrane


Modular production Process:

CDP™: Custom design modular production process