BIONOVA vs. Existing tech platforms

Comparing BIONOVA vs. Existing technological platforms


Existing technological platform

Modern life science industries’ approach to dysfunction is based on usage of a singular active substance (therapeutic agent) in high concentrations. The dosage used to have biological effects very often exceeds physiological levels (maximum amount of biologically active substances naturally produced in a living system) by thousands of times. Thus creating new non-physiological pathways. 


The dosage and usage of a singular substance creates a new pathway that is foreign to the human organism and in long term usage, creates multiple side effects of varying degree.  Taking into consideration the amount of people on medications today, it can only be imagined how many atypical effects were created by the existing technological approach.



BIONOVA’s approach

BIONOVA looks to the human body as one unified system regardless to where the “isolated problem” is occurring. It is all connected and belongs to the same physiological and biochemical system of the individual's bio matrix.


In comparison with current life science industries, the developed technological platform allows for multiple bioactive substances (indigenous to the human organism) to work synergistically in very low concentrations. This concept enhances the self healing abilities and adaptation mechanisms of the cell without creating new damaging pathways.


Thus it is the most natural approach to dysfunction of a living system and reduces the amount of possible side effects as well as the severity. Keeping normal physiology can increase longevity with much less side effects.