Custom designed production

CDP (Custom designed production)

The process to make individually formulated products on a level of mass production.


CDP process actualizes formulations created for an individual customer into a final product. This process allows for multiple forms of the final product;  creams, liquids, powders and etc. At this time production of a single topical product takes several minutes and can be shipped directly to the customer within 48 hours (after order acceptance).


The unique CDP technological platform can achieve mass level production (ready to use products and customized products) by having a multitude of prepared Nanocomplexes and adding them as needed. Further details of the production process is proprietary information.


Benefits of CDP

  • Zero product inventory: Products created on demand. 
  • Fresh products
  • Fast and accurate production
  • Robotic production process: BIONOVA developed logistics of transforming the CDP process to a fully robotic production process.