Before discussing the Opti-Path™ platform, first we must understand functionality, dynamics and communication that occurs at a cellular level. This is the understanding of the concept of biological information transfer (BIT) in living systems.


Concept of biological information transfer (BIT)

The basis of life  and necessity for constant adaptation to newly developing factors in any mammal requires three levels of biological information transfer (BIT). Generation of an initial signal, identification of that signal and its transformation into a specific action on a cellular level. 


Opti-Path™: a method of imitating BIT

Opti-Path™ technology reproduces this life supporting building blocks because it's the most efficient, natural, and physiological process. We are not developing new or foreign pathways, just imitating genetically determined chain of biological  information transfer.


By imitating the biological information transfer (BIT) in living systems we are able to more easily support and enhance the self healing and self repairing processes when there is a dysfunction. Thus the efficacy of Opti-Path™ dramatically increases the healing processes from within while lowering side effects.


In order for Opti-Path™ to correct dysfunctional metabolic pathways and mimic BIT, it is necessary to construct Opti-Path™ from these several steps;

  1. select appropriate bioactive substances indigenous to the human body
  2. create multiple complexes from selected bioactive substance and provisionally stabilize them
  3. combine the complexes into biologically active Nano-modules™
  4. group the Nano-modules™ into three identifiers (first degree messenger, informational identifier, transmembrane factors and intracellular transmitters) that make up the structure of BIT.

These Nano-Modules™ are mimicked bio-nutrients necessary for normal cellular metabolism and insures the efficiency as well as safety of BIT by the concentration of the active agents (Nano and Pico quantities) that are completely governed by the living organism’s buffering principle.


The scientific breakthrough is the ability to mimic BIT as well as the provisional stabilization of unstable substances for use with NuCell-Direct™.


To summarize Opti-Path™technology:

We start with a dysfunction/damaged cells; this can mean anything from Acne, burned skin, vitamin deficiency to an internal ailment. We then determine what these damaged cells require to heal themselves and correct the problem. Selecting from 1000’s of bioactive substances indigenous to the human body, we group comparable bioactive substances into stable environments. We then group those complexes to form Nano-modules (Nano-modules™ vary depending on the pathway being corrected based on; type, concentration and quantity of substances.). Nano-modules™ are the ingredients that the dysfunctional/damaged cells require to perform their genetically determined functions.  


Opti-Path™ proprietary technology:

  • Software and algorithm to create a formulation:
    • Proper selection, usage, molar concentration and ratio of bioactive substances.
    • Grouping of bioactive substance into nano-modules™ to be utilized in production process of Nanocomplexes.
  • `Provisional stabilization process of selected bioactive substance to keep their chemical and biological activity.