Logistics for artificial intelligence analytical system

Understanding that there is no substitute for the imagination and free form thinking of a human mind, BIONOVA believes that there are some aspects that can be reproduced and imitated in a stable environment. 


BIONOVA has developed SmartDoc™ technology providing customers with a digital diagnostic system thru subjective and objective data analysis. 


Medical science has already determined what symptoms are attributed to specific health problems in different industries of life science. We’re not here to challenge the accumulated knowledge but to use the information as a foundation of our platform. 


SmartDoc™’s is a platform that receives subjective and objective data from the customer/patient and analyzes the data to build a customer profile matrix. This matrix allows the next step of Bio-intelligence™ to generate a formulation of the delivery system and bioactive substances in proper ratios needed to repair dysfunctional/damaged cells. This approach promotes our ideology of healing from within.

SmartDoc™ is comprised of three major stages:

Stage1. Input recognition:

First stage of any analytical system is to accept and recognize the customers/patients concern. A doctor/BIONOVA trained specialist listens to the patient to understand the concern thru a series of questions to narrow down the problem (subjective analysis) and then use third party instruments to run tests (objective analysis). As do we thru a similar two part approach:


Subjective information collection: Interview™ is an online questionnaire (accessed from any web enabled machine) developed by our leading scientists and doctors. This questionnaire imitates the interview of doctors to build the patient profile as well as to narrow down the specific health condition. This collected data is automatically used by the next steps to create a personalized formulation and product. 


Questions start from the general to the very specific. A general example is (but not limited to):

  • Base profile (Gender, age, ethnicity)
  • Specific area of problem
  • Specific concern to that area
  • Health details depending on the concern (e.g. Allergies and other possible health issues)
  • Environmental profile (general weather conditions, amount of time spent in the Sun and so on)
  • Custom add-ons (additional benefits desired beside major problem)


Objective information analysis: This optional analysis can be from photography of affected areas, instrumental data and other analysis systems depending on the life science industry. At this stage we utilize the easiest path for the customer/patient, which is simple photography of the affected area in our skincare line. The user for a more detailed profile feature activates this option. This semi-automatic system utilizes in house doctors/estheticians/ nutritionists to utilize their knowledge and experience adjusting the subjective information to deliver the most precise formulation and product. This process does add cost to the overall product but with that comes the most sophisticated and detailed customer profile with specific health related issues/problems.


Stage 2. Data analysis:

At this stage we transfer the raw data from stage 1(mandatory subjective data (Bio-physiological algorithms) and optional user approved objective analysis data (Analytical logistics interface) into BIONOVA’s analytical database. This database determines the customers functional activity. 


If the customer opts for objective data, then a specialist adjusts the subjective data accordingly. The outcome is a more precise functionality of the product.  This segment of Bio-intelligence™ platform is not a predefined algorithm. It depends on freeform thinking of an experienced doctor/specialist to adjust the functional activity and provide the most optimal product.


Stage 3. Formulation: 

BIONOVA’s proprietary algorithm and bio-physiological database translates the customer’s matrix data into a specific formulation (ratio of Nanocomplexes). Nanocomplexes use only mimicked substances that are naturally found in the human organism to promote the self healing process.